What type of wastewater management system will i need?

The wastewater market offers numerous methods of wastewater treatment and management technologies, with capabilities ranging from single residences systems through to large agricultural treatment facilities. To find the most suitable wastewater treatment and management technology for your site, it is necessary to first determine the volume and type of wastewater a site is expected to produce. Depending on the degree of wastewater treatment required, and the particular constraints of a site, there will be a combination of wastewater treatment and dispersal technologies to suite. The appropriate technologies for a given site is determined from our Wastewater Service range within our Reporting & Assessment process.

Treatment options

In its raw form wastewater (also known as sewage), is potentially a highly infectious and pollutant material; possessing a health risk when not handled correctly. To safely manage and dispose of the wastewater generated on-site, all wastewater must undergo an initial stage of treatment. Treatment of wastewater is typically by way of primary treatment (via a Septic Tank), or primary & Secondary Treatment (an AWTS Tank); with the particular system adopted determining how effluent may later be safely disposed of on-site.

Broadcrest offers design and advice over a wide range of treatment options, including:

    PRIMARY Treatment & PUMP-OUT
  • Septic Tanks
  • Collection & Pump Wells
  • Sewage Ejection Pump Stations
  • (AWTS) Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • AWTS + Disinfection
  • Advanced AWTS
  • Nutrient Reduction
  • Sand Filters
  • Textile Filters
  • Biological Filter Systems
  • Biolytic Filters (Biolytix, Worm Farms)
  • Wet Composting Toilets
  • Waterless Composting Toilets
  • Greywater Diversion Devices
  • Greywater Treatment Systems

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Effluent managament

The dispersal method treated wastewater on-site will heavily depend upon the treatment system selected, the composition of the site soil, and the serviceable space. In considering these and other factors a selected wastewater technology must be sensibly designed to ensure the long-term safety and viability of the management system.

Our engineers design from a comprehensive range of wastewater technologies including:

  • Collection & Off-site Disposal
  • Pressure line to Mains
  • Movable Spray Irrigation
  • Fixed 'Pop-up' Spray Irrigation
  • Surface Drip Irrigation
  • Subsurface Drip Irrigation
  • LPED (Low Pressure Effluent Distribution)
  • Gravity & Pressure Dosing
  • Absorption Trenches
  • Wick Trenches
  • Absorption Beds
  • (ETA) Evapotranspiration-Absorption Trenches & Beds
  • Mound Systems (Amended Soil, Wisconsin, Ecomax, & Sand Mounds)

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