Finite Element Analysis

Broadcrest engineers specialise in designing innovative steel and concrete solutions to solve complex problems. Most engineers use a guess then refine approach to achieve 80% design efficiency. Broadcrest uses parametric studies to achieve 95% efficiency by checking thousands of different variations using finite element modelling and advanced analysis techniques.

Broadcrest's engineers have extensive experience designing bespoke projects for residential buildings, factories, warehouses, consumer equipment and commercial machinery. All Broadcrest designs meet Australian and industry standards with options for third party certification.

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Temporary Structural Support

Bridges:#boton and maintenance of bridges requires specially designed propping systems to minimise movement and distribute the forces correctly. Broadcrest has extensive experience designing mechanical and hydraulic propping solutions to allow the installation of bridge bearings, piers and decks. We can provide on-site support to supervise the installation and removal of our systems.

Large excavations require specialised shoring designs to ensure safety and the buildability of your project. Broadcrest's engineers have designed hundreds of shoring solutions for culverts, gross pollutant traps, pipelines, fuel tanks, pump stations and more. We use a combination of sheet piles, shoring boxes, steel frames, slabs, propping and anchors to produce cost and time effective designs. We can assist the project manager with installation methodology and risk assessments to ensure the safe implementation of the design.

Basements: Whether it is a five story high-rise basement in the city or an inground garage in the country, Broadcrest can provide you with the most economical solution for temporary support and installation. Broadcrest's engineers have designed installation solutions for basements across the country. Basements are becoming increasingly difficult to install due to sensitive neighbouring buildings and the inability to use anchors. Broadcrest is at the forefront of designing basement support, utilising a combination of composite materials and hydraulic designs. The best part, these design are quicker, safer and cheaper than existing methodologies.

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STEEL design         

CONCRETE design  


Frames and trusses Slabs Dilapidation reports
Custom fabrication Footings Remediation designs
Sheet pile Piles Propping systems
Reinforcement Anchors Structural drafting
Ground anchors Soil stabilisation Third party certification

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