Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Consequences, Management and Compliance

What is an Environmental Impact Assessment?

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) refers to the process of assessing the likely environmental impacts of a proposal and identifying options to minimize those impacts. The requirement for an environmental impact assessment is generally triggered by a Development Application or change in land use whereby an impact on the surrounding environment is possible. The objectives of an environmental impact assessment are to:

  • Provide an overview of the action proposed
  • Assess the potential impacts of that action on the natural and surrounding environment including those on soils, water, air, visual amenity, acoustics and biodiversity
  • Provide an opportunity for the identification of potential issues and float alternative options
  • Inform decision makers on findings of the assessment before final approval decisions are made.

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Our Capabilities

Broadcrest specialise at providing environmental impact assessment for:

  • High-rise with basements carparks
  • Sub-divisions
  • Residential developments
  • Commercial and industrial developments
  • Agricultural enterprises

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