Retaining Walls

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Which retaining wall is right for me?

Retaining walls are used to connect higher and lower ground for a variety of projects ranging from landscaping to state highways. The right type of retaining wall depends on the needs of the project. A competent designer will consider not only the physical conditions (e.g. soil pressure, groundwater, allowable movement, neighbouring structures, toe constraints) but also the aesthetics, constructability and serviceability of the retaining wall. For example:

  • Cantilever walls use up little space and are typically quickest to install, however they are often prone to ground movement which is unacceptable beside existing structures.
  • Gabion rock walls provide pleasing aesthetics and are cheaper than other options, however they use up a larger footprint.

Broadcrest provides a preliminary investigation of two to three retaining wall options for our clients review before completing the final design. Broadcrest’s engineers have designed over 200 Gravity, Cantilever, King-Post, Concrete pile, Sheet piles and Gabion retaining walls for residential, commercial and infrastructure projects. If you are constructing a basement or large scale excavation, click here to learn more about the different ground retention (shoring) options.

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