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Good basement design is a balance between the final design and the construction stage. When approaching the design of basement support, or any large excavation, it is vital to fully consider the structural integrity, construction time and cost and ongoing serviceability. The three primary methods used for temporarily supporting basements are:

  • Cantilevered piles
  • Anchoring Welded
  • Steel frames

Broadcrest's engineers have designed over fifty basements and large excavations across Australia. Good basement design requires knowledge of the constraints (or problems) before you encounter them. Broadcrest offer detailed site and geotechnical investigations to identify constraints. A summary of basement support systems is shown in the table below:

  Cost  Installation Time  Movement Issues  Buildability Buildability
Cantilever Moderate - High Quick High Moderate Simple
Anchors Moderate Slow Low Hard Simple
Steel Frame Low - Moderate Slow Low - Moderate Not required Moderate-difficult
Hydraulic Frame Low - Moderate Moderate Low Not Required Moderate

If you are building a basement or need to support a large excavation, contact us today for a list of options to suit your needs.

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